LOVE. Three types of love exist:(1) sexual romantic love, (2) nonsexual friendship and family love,and(3) intellectual/artistic love. Contrary to myth,love is not inexplicable or beyond understanding. Love can be exactly defined and clearly understood.
Romantic love integrates the mind and body of a man and a woman.That integration includes the emotional/intellectual development of values between that man and woman.Such a complex relationship requires planned, rational thought by each partner.Romantic love is one of life’s most important and practical achievements: Romantic love is a major source of personal growth, efficient living, happiness, joy, and pleasure.
Yet romantic love is often dismissed as blind,mindless,irrational, immature,transitory, impractical.But the opposite is true. And similar false notions have led to the misunderstanding of words such as ”romantic”,”romanticism”,and the ”romantic era”.How did those false notions begin?”Romantic” and its related words originally implied freedom, individuality, and rational ideals based on integrated honesty…NOT IRRATIONAL WHIMS BASED ON MYSTICAL ILLUSIONS.but over the years, the concept of romanticism became inverted by the mystics and falsely associated with the irrationalists and the sentimentalists of the 19th century romantic period.Such word distortions diminish the thinking tools needed to understand and implement the most important and powerful human actions. Here is the accurate meaning.
Romantic love involves an emotional, intellectual, and sexual involvement with another person. and romantic love offers the deepest of all happiness and the greatest of all pleasures.but as with all major values, ROMANTIC LOVE IS NOT AUTOMATIC. ROMANTIC LOVE MUST BE EARNED through rational thought and planned effort. And then, that love must be maintained and expanded through constant honest effort-through constant discipline, thought, and control(dtc method).Through the ages, civilizations, and cultures, woman seek in men a single attribute, however interpreted. That attribute is STRENGTH.”(frank r. wallace)

UNIQUENESS. How to write subject lines that get e-mails opened and read.
#1) URGENT give them a reason to act now instead of create a sense of urgency in your subject by incorporating a time element.
#2)UNIQUE the subject line says something new or something the reader has heard before but in a new or fresh way.ex. why japanese women have beautiful skin, not save 10% on japanese bath kits. #3)ULTRA SPECIFIC use fascinations that tease reader into reading further. ex. what never to eat on a airplane. #)4 USEFUL appeals to the readers self-insterest by offering a benifit.(b.bly)

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