”INTEGRATED THINKING IS SUPERIOR.a single integrated thinker who functions in an active integrating mode aggressively exerting internal guidance can outcompete many specialized thinkers combined who function in a passive mode automatically following external guidance. He or she must, through their own mind, constantly integrate and reintegrate everything that holds their business together and makes it run.This requires consistent.DTC…DISCIPLINE, THOUGHT AND CONTROL.the future calls for integrated thinking to replace specialized thinking.The average person’s specialized mind works like a RAM buffer:very limited memory,storing only memory that is most active or doe’s not integrate, so it must maintain thoughts from memory.However,memory only retains the most active,current situations.For one’s memory quickly fills, flusters, and fails.Now consider the hard disk.The hard disk stores vast amounts of knowledge.The rare integrated thinker’s mind works like the hard disk:extensive capacity, accumulating more and more business data and control.The integrated thinker does not memorize;he integrates thoughts into an INTERLOCKED INFORMATION MATRIX that retains everything pertinent to his business.this integrated knowledge gives him fingertip control over the many nitty-gritty details as well as the broad company movements.From this growing integrated puzzle, he can envision what future puzzle pieces must look like to snap them into his business matrix well before his competition”.(mark hamilton)

CONVERGING WAVES. Timing is everything. right now a number of waves are converging to create one monster wave…and why NOW is the best time to take action.

WAVE#1)North american economy is growing again. after more then a year of deep recession.(3.5%)thrid quarter annual) companies will feel more confident about investing in marketing again. they will be playing catch up, making up for marketing dollors they didn’t spend over the last twelve months.

WAVE#2)Companies are growing , but they are not YET hiring. employment figures wont start rising again untill 2012. companies will outsource first.

WAVE#3)Billions of dollors in marketing dollors are moving online.”65 billion in marketing spending will move from traditional print and broadcast media to online.”(anthea strategys,forbes) HOW IT WILL BE SPENT.#1PAGE CONTENT#2WEB ANALYTICS#3 SEO#4 SITE DESIGN.

WAVE#4) Traditional media properties are closing down fast. this is NOT a wave you should ride, It’s a undertow, AVOID IT AT ALL COST.

HOW ALL FOUR WAVES CONVERGE. The demand is massive and still growing. waves grow and travel fast then break. You must position yourself on that wave at the right time and let it carry you forward. YOU MUST LEVERAGE MASSIVE TRENDS that are in play right now. Just like life,business success depends on getting the timing right.(usborne)

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