CONSCIOUSNESS AND FREE CHOICE. ‘consciousness allows human beings to escape the automatic controls of nature. at the same time, only through consciousness can a person CHOOSE to act in discord with nature. unlike all animals, conscious beings can choose to act better or worse then nature to benefit or harm themselves and others. choosing to deny or contradict nature or reality is mysticism, which is an unnatural, irresponsible abuse of the conscious mind. but, conscious beings can also CHOOSE TO ACT BETTER then their nature to gain power and advantages over all else in the universe. because consciousness allows CHOICES and ACTIONS beyond preset nature, only human beings can CHOOSE to be honest or deceptive, objective or mystical, responsible or irresponsible, competent or incompetent, striving or lazy, productive or destructive, benefical or harmful, noble or evil…with consciousness, anyone can CHOOSE either alternative at any time…animals can not be mystical, dishonest, or self-destructive. with consciousness, only human beings can freely CHOOSE to live better or worse than their natures. FREE CHOICE DETERMINES THE FUTURE OF ALL HUMAN BEINGS. (FRANK R. WALLACE) * Using autoresponders to deliver your powerful ,free special report you created. #1) go to , log in select list(follow up) #2)click ‘add new follow up message. #3)use plain text message (not html) #4) write short message,deliver free report make it personal ,it builds trust. #5)subject line’ here’s your free special report” #6)click on personalize button, (first name fix)this will put the person’s name in subject line who has opt in #7)click “attach file(pdf) ,ckick browse, click special report wherever you saved it to, open it. click save message. done. *NEXT WEEK: how to find products and services that you can promote on autopilot with autoresponders. and different ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page to get people to opt in for your free report, then follow up with them. untill next week, ciao! t.j.p.s. I will also have some very valuable marketing advice from my conference in palm beach florida. T.J. CAM-ADVERTISING.COM

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