“the production of values for others is the single most important function of any person’s life. every person’s survial and happiness as well as every facet of his or her physical,mental, and psychological well-being depends on the production of competitive values for others. if a person chooses not to produce sufficient values to survive, then that person must become dependent on the producers to survive by begging, cajoling, neocheating, deception, force, or theft’. ( FRANK R. WALLACE) * TYPES OF FREE OFFERS YOU CAN CREATE#1:written content-special reports, convert a word document to a pdf so you can deliver it to end user. #2 audio content- audio narrations, audio interviews, audio excerpts. convert audio recording to mp3, people can then download them.#3 video content- this can be you or someone else talking to the camera, event recordings, or screen capture-powerpoint presentations. you can do a combo of all three and then stream online. * HOW TO CREATE YOUR FREE OFFER#1 do it yourself- write report, record audio,make video. #2 outsource- pay someone else”ghost writers’ to create original content. downside -it’s expensive#3 obtain rights-mmr,plr,licensing. downside- others may have same content as you. but doe’s not cost as much as outsourcing. * I have found the fastest and easiest way to create a powerful free offer with high quality content, and you can have access to this powerfull info at our website’s new’s and information box. also, i will be attending the american artist’s and writer’s 2009, 5day information/ internet marketing conference in palm beach florida in november, so be sure to check back because i will have some very valuable marketing advice to share with everyone. untill next week, ciao! t.j.

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