“Teaching is the most important profession, teachers are the conduits through which our childrens minds are shaped,they are the advice givers who provide the future with the wisdom of the past.” (ARISTOTLE) * TIPS ON “SEO” TARGET KEYWORDS. 1) make sure the name you enter for each product on your site includes some of your keywords. 2) when you write a description for each product, insert keywords close to the beginning of the copy. 3) if a product comes in different colors, enter each one indivdually. this creates more website pages,each product has its own page in the system.(more pages site has the better) try to have different product names and descriptions.can be close but dont use the same words. *SEO”- the process of increasing a websites visibility. increases the amount of”organic’ free trafic it gets. choosing targeted words, arranging inbound links from other relevant sites. content must have usefull info. * * These are only a few of the strategys. i plan on updating and adding every sunday the most current, effective and cost efficient ways to reach millioms of prospects.untill next week,ciao! t.j. also , make sure to check out” the hottest most lucrative niche today on web marketing. you can find it on our website.

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